UNSANE: Phone Call

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"Foy is backed up by two fine supporting performances from Jay Pharoah ... and Polly McKie as a steely charge nurse who can ratchet with the best of them."

“The filmmaker's knack for casting is also apparent...including Polly McKie as a nurse who stops just short of going full Ratched”


Polly McKie and Claire Foy


"Miss Mathieson isn’t around much, but what Ms. McKie does with her one big scene, a confessional moment of yearning, is heart-stopping."

Polly McKie as Matty and Philip Goodwin as Doctor Farley

"McKie is just devastating, though understated, as the 35 year old caretaker...

With straightforward dignity that hides self-loathing, she offers herself as a wife to the elderly doctor..."

Polly McKie and Philip Goodwin
"A Day by the Sea"
"Miss Gluck, played by a hilarious, haunting Polly McKie...not in the best of health, as Williams suggests with a wicked bit of scatological humor, Miss Gluck embodies the fear underlying the other women’s romantic notions and machinations."
                                      New York Stage Review
"The descent of upstairs neighbor Miss Gluck
(a scene-stealing Polly McKie portraying a depressive Valkyrie) adds further chaos to the mix."
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